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Go Global Fair at Gallaudet University

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Nov 20, 2023 | Latest News

Gallaudet University Go Global Fair  |  November 2023    

A Day of Discovery: Exploring the World with VoluntEars at Gallaudet University

November 8th, 2023, was an exciting day at Gallaudet University. They hosted the Go Global Fair, a special event where students learned about opportunities to travel and help others through trips arranged by VoluntEars and other educational programmes.

The stars of the day were Richard Clowes, who leads VoluntEars, and Annahita Forghan, who has previously volunteered on trips to Morocco, Ghana and Sri Lanka. Their goal was simple: talk to deaf students and show them how they can explore different countries with VoluntEars.

They talked about places like Ghana, Morocco, Nepal, and Sri Lanka—amazing countries where people can go to make a difference. People asked a lot of questions, especially about when they could go (while in college or after they finish), what they will do on the trip, and what’s included. Richard and Anna explained that students can join trips alone, with friends or family, or even plan a special trip with VoluntEars’ help.

Everyone was really excited. They even met someone from a deaf school in Ghana who is now studying at Gallaudet University and he knew the teachers and school Principal who VoluntEars works with on their Ghana trips. It was a surprise and a nice moment to see the impact of their work in person.

But as quickly as the day started, it was time to say goodbye. That night Richard flew back to the UK, and Anna went back to Boston. However, their support didn’t stop there.

Since arraiving back home they sent emails to everyone who wanted more information. They wanted to help these students decide which trips would be best for them. Even though they left, their help and advice stayed behind, guiding students toward their dreams of traveling and making a difference.

After the fair, Gallaudet University had a buzz in the air—students talked excitedly about where they could go and how they could help. Richard and Anna’s visit had sparked a new interest in exploring the world and helping others.

The Go Global Fair wasn’t just a one-time thing. It opened a door for students, inviting them to discover new places and cultures. As the excitement settled, it left behind a feeling of possibility and adventure for the students of Gallaudet University and for the deaf schools that VoluntEars partners with around the world.

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Photos of Richard and Anna at Gallaudet University in Washington in November 2023

Photos of Richard and Anna at Gallaudet University in Washington in November 2023


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