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Review of 2022

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Dec 28, 2022 | Latest News

A review of 2022 at VoluntEars

There’s no denying that the last 3 years have really tested us here at VoluntEars.

Our last trip before covid hit was Sri Lanka in December 2019 and our first trip after covid was Morocco in April 2022. We had nearly 2 and a half years of hibernating with no income, lots of refunds and postponements and constantly telling ourselves to “just keep on going”, hoping lockdowns and travel restrictions would soon end.

Looking back on it, one of the main things that got us through was the continual support of our amazing volunteers and Communicators from previous trips. We have to say a huge thank you to them for all their messages of support and encouragement.

As soon as covid travel restrictions were lifted we advertised a Morocco trip for April 2022 and were delighted that 9 people booked within only a few weeks. It was clear that other people wanted to travel again as much as we did!

Morocco – April 2022

So we ran our first Morocco trip for 4 days, helping at a local deaf association in Marrakesh and visiting beautiful places like the Bahia Palace, La Koutoubia mosque, Jemaa el-Fnaa square, Jardin Marjorelle and the countryside outside Marrakesh. It was sooooo good to be doing our thing again!

Photos of volunteers in Morocco with VoluntEars in April 2022

VoluntEars trip to Morocco in April 2022

This Morocco trip was our:
– 1st Morocco trip ever
– 1st VoluntEars trip since December 2019
– 1st trip with 75% repeat bookings
– 1st VoluntEars trip to Africa
– 1st trip with no painting

Then we did a triathlon!

Yes, we love showing that us ordinary people can do extra-ordinary things!

So we entered a team of 3 into Blenheim Palace triathlon. Clair, rianna and Anna then smashed out their swim, cycle and run around the beautiful grounds of blenheim Palace and proved that a team of hearing, deaf and hard of hearing people are just as successful as anyone else when they focus on a common goal. Teamwork really can male a dream work! VoluntEars got a lovely shout out over the pa tannoy as our team cross’s the finish line and then we all settled down to a picnic on the grass in the sunshine. Happy days!

3 volunteers finishing the Blenheim Palace Triathlon in 2022 - VoluntEars

Blenheim Palace Triathlon 2022 – VoluntEars relay team finishing

July 2022 – Sri Lanka

July 2022 brought a new low point as we had to cancel our Sri Lanka trip at very short notice after the political instability in Colombo boiled over and the UK government recommended against travelling there. We had no choice so had to cancel the trip which was really disappointing for our 20 volunteers who were soon to arrive, for our staff who had finished planning and arranging everything and for all our partners in Sri Lanka who were due to host our group. Damn!

August 2022 – Nepal

We quickly refocused our attention to our Nepal trip in August 2022 which was our:

– 1st Nepal trip since August 2019

– amazing luck with the weather in the mountains as the clouds lifted bljust in time for us to see the himalayas after 2 days of cloud

– we repainted a boys dormitory – it was a complete transformation

– VoluntEars donated money for the school to replace a leaking roof

Photos of the VoluntEars trip to Nepal in August 2022

VoluntEars trip to Nepal in August 2022

What was next in 2022?

October 2022 – Ghana

Ghana trip! This was in October and it was:
– 1st Ghana 2 week group trip
– 1st VoluntEars trip to spend 2 weeks in 2 different places (mampong and cc)
– 2nd trip with 75% repeat bookings (we are very flattered)
– 2nd trip with no painting
– 2nd trip in Africa
– 1st trip with Enoch working for VoluntEars
– 1st trip using local interpreters instead of one’s from the UK

We got really good feedback from our group and from the two deaf schools in Ghana so definitely running this trip again in 2023.

Photos of volunteers in Ghana in October 2022

Ghana trip with VoluntEars in October 2022

What about 2023 and the future?

We are launching some shorter trips (4 days or 1 week) closer to the UK which means shorter and cheaper flights and requires less days off work but you will still:
– visit interesting countries
– spend time with local deaf schools
– explore amazing places in each country
– have fun travel experiences with amazing people


Thank you so much to everyone who has joined a VoluntEars trip (and to those who keep rejoining for more!) – you make our trips worthwhile and memorable.

Your support is always appreciated and never taken for granted. 

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